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Industrial Hose

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1/2in High Pressure Wash Hose - 6000PSI
Cement Discharge Hose (Softwall)
Diesel Exhaust Transfer (DEF) hose
Novaflex Diesel Exhaust Transfer (DEF) hose
From $9.60
In stock, 330 units
Duct - Clear Urethane Flexible with wire (0.30 wall)
Fire Hose - Single Jacket Milled
Hydrovac Store Fire Hose - Single Jacket Milled
From $1.55
In stock, 200 units
Kanaflo 116BL
kanaflex Kanaflo 116BL
From $1.49
In stock, 650 units
Kanaflo MK 212 - Milk Transfer HoseKanaflo MK 212 - Milk Transfer Hose
Kanalite Flex 100CL
kanaflex Kanalite Flex 100CL
From $1.69
In stock, 754 units
Lock-On Hose - Low PressureLock-On Hose - Low Pressure
Gates Lock-On Hose - Low Pressure
From $2.10
In stock, 700 units
Novaflex 6200 Flour Suction Hose (sold per ft)
Novaflex 6201 Flour Discharge Hose (sold per ft)
Oil/Fuel Delivery Hose
Petroleum Tank Truck Hose - Smooth - Made in Canada
Piranha Orange SAOR 2500 PSI Armor Belt Sewer Cleaning Flusher Hose Reel
Plant Master®
Gates Plant Master®
From $0.58
In stock, 960 units
Plant Master® Xtreme™ 250
Gates Plant Master® Xtreme™ 250
From $1.52
In stock, 785 units
Premium™ Chem Master XLPE SD - formerly Mustang
Sewer Flusher Hose - 3000PSI
Sewer Flusher Hose - 4000PSI
Dynaflex Sewer Flusher Hose - 4000PSI
From $110
In stock, 17 units
Steam - Plant Master® Red
Gates Steam - Plant Master® Red
From $4.34
In stock, 1020 units
Steam Hose
Faultless Solutions Steam Hose
From $1.75
In stock, 1500 units
Tank Truck Hose - Corrugated
Faultless Solutions Tank Truck Hose - Corrugated
From $5.02
In stock, 5680 units

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