Safety access systems & loading platforms -

Some of you may not be fully aware of our extensive history in the loading platform and safety access systems industry but make no mistake about it - our team at Faultless Solutions are industry experts when it comes to designing and building modern safety access systems and loading platforms for key industries. We have been doing this for decades (even before we started Faultless Solutions) and some of our employees have over 20 years of experience and industry knowledge.

While this is all exciting in itself - here is another interesting fact that you may not know about our team. Not only do we design and install these systems, but our team also consists of highly trained technicians who can perform maintenance and do repairs on them as well. After hearing feedback from our numerous customers – we have learned that this is a major advantage that very few companies are able to offer. Having any type of downtime on your equipment can lead to serious consequences on your overall operation in terms of efficiency and safety. In most cases we can respond to your requests and have someone on site in less than 48 hours. Trust us when we say there are very few companies that can match us when it comes to speed and service.                                                                                                                                                                              Here is a picture of our technician, Derek Williams, who was on site at Metrolinx during Spring 2021 when he was servicing the 22 gangways on their fall protection platforms. Derek has been on site at several of our customers locations and has been able to troubleshoot and repair gangways that otherwise might have been out of service for several days or weeks. We hear it from our customers all the time – Faultless Solutions and its employees comprise a reliable team of professionals that provide only the most top-notch service. Check us out at: and experience for yourself the difference that we can make on your next project.